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Data Catalouging

Data Cataloging

Reduce the time your employees spend looking for data and increase the time spent on analyzing it. Make your data searchable and map its lineage, uses, and value to the organization.

Data Quality

Data Quality and Master Data Management

Cleanse, de-duplicate, investigate and standardize your data. Establish and deploy roles, policies, responsibilities and processes with regard to the acquisition, maintenance, disposition and distribution of data.

Metadata Management

Create a common data foundation for ready use in big data analytics, data governance, total customer relationship, cloud and application modernization, and data security.

Data Profiling

Let your users find data easily by tagging it with keywords, descriptions or categories. Assess data quality. Eliminate nulls and normalize and standardize values.

Data Blending

Connect, prep, cleanse, blend and join data from databases, cloud and on-premise apps, social sources, unstructured data, spreadsheets and more. Structure, Validate and Publish datasets ready for self service analytics for business users.

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Rameen Dhaal - Centre of Excellence - Head

Rameen Dhaal

Centre of Excellence - Head

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