Lease in best technologies, Minimizing capital expenditure & Simplified device lifecycle management

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Struggling to stay competitive in the post-crisis world having deeper constraints on capital costs?

The DaaS model can shift your large IT budgets to more manageable cash flows with a contractual business financing solution for devices you require from any OEM brand at a convenient monthly subscription fee.


Replacing technology every few years can be a very expensive endeavor, not only in terms of hardware but also in terms of maintenance, service and management. An efficient way to bypass this hardware lifecycle is Device as a Service (DaaS). DaaS allows you to rent the best in class technology (Laptop, desktop, tablets, etc.) with all the related services and maintenance under one contract.


Why DaaS

With DaaS you convert large CapEx to smaller, more manageable channels of cash flow. You get the advantage of the latest technology with any OEM-based renting solution, the best service and maintenance, and device management all under one contract, promoting accountability and helping you run your business stress-free.

Our Services


Modern Devices

Get the Devices fitting best to meet your recurring business demands.


Multiple OEM availability

No brand choice limitation with our tie-ups with multiple OEM brands.



Contractual financing gives the flexibility to scale up or down your IT assets as & when required.


Management Simplified

Whether its configuration, deployment or IT helpdesk service, you get it all for easy device management.

Salient Features

  • Simplified management with end-to-end support no matter where you’re working
  • Rights to transfer ownership of the assets after the contract expires.
  • Integrated annual damage protection services.
  • Tech refresh based on your IT environment assessment and multi-OEM requirements.
  • Provision of on-time & transparent work reports.
SLAs Appendix
  • Central Helpdesk Support.
  • Dedicated Service Account Manager for all MIS.
  • Monthly Dashboards and reports
  • Ticket Management Systems for providing proactive triggers and email alerts to business users.
  • SBD response time and NBD resolution (depending on city tier type).

What you Get?

We save your organization & IT budgets from avoidable big upfront investments.
We help reduce the financial burden by converting expenses from CapEx to OpEx and reduce the amount of depreciating assets in your financial books.
We ensure Data Security by bundling additional antivirus software or firewalls all within the monthly subscription cost.
We provide long term cost savings by eliminating the cost of managing computer devices.
Our unique customized contracts give you the freedom to scale up or scale down your IT assets as per your business requirements.
We save your organization & IT budgets from avoidable big upfront investments.

Work with the best technology in the industry from top OEM partners like Lenovo, Apple, Acer, Dell, HP and many more..


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Tabish Azmi - Business Head, End User Services

Tabish Azmi

Business Head - End User Services

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