15 Million
12 Million
Tickets sold per month
75% Reduction
In reporting time and resource
< 4% Error
In predictive model outcomes
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Data Harmonization: Binding unstructured data from heterogeneous sources into an integrated one.  

Data Transformation: Conversion of TBs of data into actionable insights.

Data Analysis: An analysis of customer buying pattern using data of more than 15 million users.

Alteryx is a very easy-to-use visualization tool with drag and drop functions. This is especially useful in our customer segmentation as the charts can reveal if something is wrong in a split second, whereas, in the past, we would have to look into the data of each level in a granular fashion to find errors and correct them.”
- Rushabh, Senior Data Analyst, Bookmyshow 

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Our Solution

Dimensions like Affinity to Venue/Event/Showtime created by Alteryx are used as inputs to the recommendation engine when user lands on the platform.

Computation of expected occupancy and expected BMS penetration for future shows, allow for more focused selling efforts through email, PNs or customized offers.

Mapping of the steps in the customer journey from New to Superstar allowed for efficient targetting campaigns.

In terms of expertise and technical knowledge, we found the Team best. We have never felt the need to contact the Alteryx US team, as all our technical concerns were well-taken care of by Team Computers.

- Mr. Anujay Mathur, Senior Manager, Analytics at Bookmyshow.

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The reduction in the size of the reporting team to 1/4th and of the reporting cycle from 12 days to 4 days.

Optimization of CRM costs and a rise in conversion rates for each marketing campaign.

Saving in marketing budgets by distinguishing between customers likely to buy and those likely to bargain and providing offers correspondingly. 

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