Per request saving
of 16 hours
12 Dasboards
across functional verticals
90+ Users
across departments
1/7 Derease
in report creation time
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Significant dependency on IT for the data needs of the business

Decision making at department and branch level in silos due to no cross sharing of data

Data dump from existing systems not easily decipherable by the business

Inability to cross share data across branches and departments and the absence of a wholesome picture of the business thereof.

Post the implementation of QV, the individual MIS teams have been dissolved and the business user has access to the data they need any point of time.

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Our Solution

Magma HDI deployed Qlikview to create a centralized repository of data to enable cross reporting and automated the entire process of report creation and
delivery to business users.

The organization currently boasts of a 90+ qlikview users across various departments and branches.

“We chose Qlikview because it is cost effective, the implementation timeline is much shorter, trained resourced on QV are available easily and reporting is quicker than most other tools. Qlikview is also unique in the perspective that it provides a complete stack from ETL to visualization - no other software allows the building of an end to end solution. Plus, most other insurance companies in India use Qlik today and that is a good reference point”

- Ramesh Vangili, VP at MHDI

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Reduction in time taken for creation of dashboards and reports to 1/7th

Saving of at least 16 man hours per data request from the business

Reduction in dependency on the IT for data needs 


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