Strategic Business Units
250 individuals
Empowered with Analytics
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IFFCO-Tokio has a huge amount of policy data stored in Policy 400, their transaction system.

Providing timely and accurate reporting from billions of tables

Special Schemes and Grievance handling had little visibility

Customer dissatisfaction due to lack of visibility

Team enables IFFCO-Tokio to get a daily visibility of business delivered to every user’s mailbox everyday without fail.

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Our Solution

Team Computers customized a solution based on existing QlikView dashboards

The solution sends daily and weekly static reports directly to mail box of users based upon their requirements.

Weekly Grievance reporting at all levels

"We are able to push the message, its like an advertisement which catches maximum eye- balls. The reports give a very high visibility to that message. We have implemented reporting for marketing and grievance, now we are extending it to claims and also exploring more on alerts and exception reporting. Team has given good resources; they are there as and when required"

- Sumesh Mahendra, Head-Business Process and Business Intelligence, IFFCO-Tokio General Insurance

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Around 1000 static reports are sent to 250 people across India as scheduled

Only  couple of hours at best to create an ad-hoc static
report from the existing model.

Get clear visibility on specific improvement areas for users running out of target

The system also send alerts which is a signal to wake up and look at something.

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