100+ Tables
are a source of data
30K Sales Executives
monitored through 1 dashboard
61% Reduction
In TAT from Enquiry to Booking
80+ active
Sales App users
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The report generated and distributed by the Dealer Management System on a daily basis were limited to a preset number of columns with data recorded the previous day without any prior analysis. This limited the dealers and employees in the ability to take strategic business decisions backed by data.


BI has also been deployment for multiple other departments. Today, the firms boasts of 900+ active users of Qlik.

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Our Solution

Qlikview was deployed to deliver to its users an overview of the sales funnel (EBR) along with the ability to drill down into these.

EBR available across zones, regions and cities, dealers, parent groups, models and variants.
Users were empowered with the ability to build their own reports and charts to answer questions on the fly.


"Qlik as a technology is pretty impressive. It is intuitive, fast, user friendly and is adopted easily by users. As compared to the DMS, which gives me predefined reports, the users can easily create views on the KPIs that matter to them the most at that point of time "

- Deputy Manager, IT Operations

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An ability to see, at a glance, a holistic view of the sales funnel, identify pain points and solve on a real time basis.

The Turn Around Time of the conversion from Enquiry to Retail has come down from 26+ days to less than 10 days nation wide.



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