6 Verticals
Monitored through BI
Significant Cost Saving
by setting up ODC
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  • Extensive manual work in preparing analysis of data on daily basis
  • Limited data analysis capability in the absence of a robust tool
  • Data governance concern with scattered excel sheets
  • Data preparation and management challenges

The Offshore Delivery Centre worked out to be effective for Magma, given its high bandwidth connection and equipment with audio-visual facilities. 

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Our Solution

  • The setting up of an ODC for Magma for the implementation and deployment of analytics
  • Implementation of dashboards for
    • Profitability
    • Risk
    • Collection
    • CEO Dashboard
    • HR Dashboard
    • Branch Performance

“We found Team Computers a trustworthy partner as we went along the implementation path. Not only were able to implement the solution as we envisioned, but Team Computers undertook the challenge of Magma end-to end, right from drafting requirements to implementation to support and change management” 

- Manoj K Mishra, Vice President, Technology, Magma

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  • The ODC led to costs being significantly reduced due to the absence of expenditure on travel, accommodation, administrative expenses, overheads and operational costs.
  • Data in a dedicated secure location
  • Automation of creation and delivery of reports across BI users.


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