SAP Hana Deployment
Use Case
AWS - EC2, Cloud Formation, S3
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·         To efficiently channelize the available workforce and capital in achieving maximum output.

·         There was a time crunch since they wanted to implement the entire ERP in 30 days.

·         Required Servers in magnitude of 16 to 32 cores and 120 to 250 GB RAM which has a huge upfront cost

The most important factor in this case was the deployment time that we needed to take care of. While it usually takes 3 months for deployment, our team’s quick response time enabled us to ensure the entire thing was implemented in just 15 days.

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Our Solution

·         VPN Connectivity between Customer Location to AWS was set up

·         Placement Group for high throughput

·         Cloud Formation Script for infrastructure provisioning

·         Cloud Formation Script for SAP HANA Installation


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·         Since the client uses the Pay-per-use model, it saves on at least 30% year on year saving compared to on premise servers

·         Upto 50% saving on cloud infrastructure

·         The entire deployment took just 15 days as compared to routine cycle of 3 months.

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