Exchange to G-Suite
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  • IIFL emails were hosted on a server farm with 50 MB mailboxes. A large battery of people was employed to run 14 servers in the server farm. Even then, the emails were delayed and upgrading the system was a very time consuming process.
  • Server management and Performance management was another biggest concern for them.
  • IIFL was getting nationally distributed and was finding it harder to assure reliable connectivity across the nation. The company was looking for a good web mail interface that would work on standard internet connections.
  • Another primary requirement was multi device support, management was keen to have multi device support for communication.

Along with email, IIFL  have got an entire stack of messaging and collaboration features including intranet, calendar, Google Drive, and hangout.

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Our Solution

IIFL decided to switch over to cloud based mailing solution with Team Computers who used the G Suite platform.

There were couple of things that made the implementation

  1. A very large percentage of IIFL’s population was already knowing how to operate on Gmail, as the interface was similar therefore it was possible for them to easily switch.
  2. Team and IIFL conducted joint acceptance events, in order to make employees excited about Google Apps as a game rather than a technology shift which lowered the resistance. 

“More than 30% of emails today are being accessed directly from mobile devices, this has been a big advantage for us because when we did started 2 years ago we thought only few 100 people in the company will use mobile devices.”


- Sankarson Banerjee, Ex CIO IIFL

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  • A completely fuss free, never going down email system.
  • Migration of 20,000 users from Exchnage to G Suite in a period of 60 days.
  • IIFL noticed considerable improvement in bandwidth usage.
  • Data security has improved, over all security has improved it’s harder to hack email systems.
  • Email filtering was enabled using postini, through google apps they can watch on certain keyword and report on the use of certain things and inspect them before it get sent out.

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