1 million traffic
Use case
WAF Implementaion on Website
EC2, Cloudwatch, SES, ALB
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Due to their 24x7 working and heavy usage on AWS for production, Jubilant occurred a huge production workload. The biggest issue of data safety and security was one of their prime concerns. The cloud infrastructure already deployed could not prove to be a secure and foolproof method to do complete justice to the massive requirement and counter its challenges. Their application layer was insecure with many instances of attacks and vulnerabilities.

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Our Solution


Post evaluation of their requirements, needs and basis evaluation of other parameters, Team Computers suggested a partial upfront pricing model for cost savings. We implemented WAF(Web Application Firewall) to protect website attacks on the layer 7. Subsequently, VPN connectivity between customer location(s) and AWS was set up to secure the access of the underlying infrastructure.

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Since we suggested the client to use the Partial upfront model, it makes at least 42.3% year on year saving compared to on demand servers. In addition, it ensures upto 50% savings on cloud infrastructure. The proposed solution helped the client provide 99.9% uptime for their websites with zero incidents of attacks or any threats whatsoever. 

Provided 99.9 % Uptime for their Websites with zero incidents on attacks.

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