level backup
Up to 30%
Cost Savings
99.99 %
Data Availability
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SMAS is running applications and databases on AWS EC2 and as there is not an option of granular level backup in case of file deletion or database needs to be stored. The granular level backup solution is required along with an automatic backup scheduler. The backup needs to be highly available in case of restoration required.

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Our Solution

Amazon Web Services: S3 provides object Storage with low cost, scalable and highly available. It is a platform to businesses who are looking for a low cost storage solution with features like scalability, availability, reliability. 

We have used Amazon S3 for storing the backup of application, database, files and necessary documents using TNT and Cloudberry Drive tools. The automation of storing the backup on S3 has been deployed. We have mapped S3 on ec2 using TNT and cloudberry drive and enable the scheduler to store the data on s3 on desired backup plan along with ensuring the backup has been copied to S3 for database backup and application backup.

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We configured the schedulers on servers which copies the data on S3 periodically as per desired SMAS Backup policy.
The Backup has been scheduled at granular level for application and databases, yielding the following benefits -

1) Cost Savings up to 30 %

2) Zero Downtime

3) Data Availability increased up to 99.9%


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