An industrial powerhouse with a dominant presence in steel & power
partnered with Team Computers

to reduce the number of IT incidents happening
at their remote locations.


About the Company

The client is from the steel & power industry and has a commanding presence in the country's power and steel sector.


The company approached Team Computers with the aim to reduce the number of IT incidents occurring at their remote locations. They didn't have any onsite skilled engineers adept at IT maintenance of both software and hardware assets. The power plants in remote areas were unable to handle the IT outages. They lacked dependable support, which resulted in a long call-to-resolution time. A key issue was the disorganized management of open calls. The lack of a centralized monitoring platform that could keep track of incoming calls and their general administration was the root of this problem. The company was dealing with the problem of the absence of timely support for the critical assets. They had no proficient onsite personnel to help them with proactive problem tackling.


Team Computers adopted the strategy of implementing the ITIL framework. Our proactive monitoring systems and services address predictive failures by proactively identifying and rectifying the issues. We dispatched an onsite team of engineers as well as a backup team of experts that are well-versed in IT upkeep and maintenance and installation of a multi-layer screening system to inspect the quality of the spare parts before delivery. We also delivered a technical remote support desk—this remote support crew aided in the quicker resolution of calls and issues.


The firm was able to eliminate downtime caused by equipment failure thanks to our onsite support and a centralized remote support system. The business was able to retain operational continuity with our IT maintenance and spares solutions. They must, however, use the correct IT AMC services to proactively identify potential risks and predict problems in advance. The organization saw a 50% drop in the number of IT mishaps after partnering with Team Computers. They were successful in achieving 100 percent process and software/hardware compliance. Clients' business continuity objectives were accomplished, and they received an average CSAT rating of 8 out of 10.