Country's largest and government-backed insurance companies

was looking to eliminate downtime and achieve IT
operational excellence.


About the Company

The client is one of the country's largest and government-backed insurance companies with the broadest outreach, PAN India.


The client approached team computers intending to reduce the number of IT mishaps happening at their remote locations. Due to the lack of a centralized monitoring platform, they had sloppy handling and management of open calls. The lack of timely server support and qualified on-site personnel exacerbated the problem of tackling the unanticipated IT incidents. There were vast volumes of open calls, and the resolution time was very high. The client had no prompt support to proactively react to the IT incidents. Additionally, the remote locations of their various branches and offices also were a contributing factor towards the emergence of multiple IT incidents.


The approach Team Computers adopted was to deliver proactive monitoring to address predictive failures. We deployed 124 on-site and backup engineers - across Goa, Gujarat, Maharashtra for all-around and quick resolution of problems and closure of open calls. Our team provisioned hot standby spares of IT resources at locations prone to IT incidents. The placement of a well-trained and expert technical remote support desk for faster resolution of issues was very helpful. We trained the on-site engineers for repairing the assets and identifying the spares. This helped to minimize the overall downtime.


With the effort of Team Computers, the client was able to ensure continual business operations and gained the ability to proactively assess potential risks and predict failures well in advance. The organization was capable of achieving 100% process adherence. They were able to offer differentiated SLA and delivered enhanced on-site spare management. The training we provided led to the skill set improvement of the client personnel. Our on-site and centralized remote support teams helped reduce the downtime.