India's leading automobile manufacturer partnered with Team computers to set up a
centralised monitoring platform

and implement the ITIL framework to tackle the IT incidents
taking place at their remote manufacturing plants.


About the Company

The client is a leading Indian automobile manufacturer with a track record of reigning in the automobile sector for the longest time.


The client’s company had no centralized monitoring platform, leading to unorganized open calls management. Their critical assets failed to receive timely support, which intensified the problems. The absence of dedicated on-site logistics support was a key problem. Additionally, they had a distributed process for incident call logging, which was a major issue in the tracking and troubleshooting of IT incidents.


Team Computers implemented the ITIL framework to tackle the client’s IT incidents. Our team migrated 8500+ assets, including desktops and laptops, from Windows 7 to Windows 10. We implemented a dedicated and adept remote support deck to improve the IT incidents' overall response and resolution time. Team Computers deployed on-demand critical IT devices and other ancillary resources on a rental basis to address emerging IT hardware and software needs and requirements. We harnessed our resources and knowledge for the installation and configuration of IT infrastructure equipment in the client's new branches.


Owing to the focused on-site and centralized support platform that Team Computers provided, the client improved core operational productivity. Indeed, the client witnessed a 60% reduction in the annual call rates due to our proactive solutions. The company successfully gained 100% process adherence and 100% software/hardware compliance. All the IT systems at the client’s new locations were up-to-date and could perform to their truest potential. The average CSAT rating that the client scored after Team Computers came on board was a whopping 9 out of 10. Also, our solutions reduced the downtime of the client’s IT systems caused due to equipment malfunction.