BMR (Marketing Manager)

Job Description

Experience - 6+  

Industry : IT Hardware and Software only. 

Customer Segmentation / Value Proposition / Messaging

1. Create different target customer segments and create different service/product offerings for them.

2. Establish the key value proposition of the product / service portfolio of the company.

3. Create strong and simple messaging to address pain points of the customer.

Campaign Management / Marketing assets

1. Create an integrated marketing operating plan in line with business's annual business plan.

2. Ensure that the messaging reaches the customer through the right channel and is appreciated.

3. Identify the marketing assets required for different customer facing situations.

4. Identify various channels of creating thought leadership content and builds suitable channels for the same.

5. Manage end to end marketing campaigns along with the Marketing Communications team. Thorough analysis on campaigns to optimise them regularly.

Funnel Analysis / Funnel Engagement

1. Regularly analyse the funnel and perform win-loss analysis.

2. Plan engagement with leads in the funnel to drive them to closure.

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