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O365 Support 


  • Exchange Online, Microsoft Teams Office 365 email, One Drive, Azure AD and Intune Microsoft online services

  • O365 Service monitoring and maintenance

  • Query Management 

  • Monitoring/Tracking user accounts/licenses



Active Directory Support 


  • Domain Controller configuration management

  • Health & Hygiene Management  

  • Audit and monitoring activity

  • Group Policy Management 



Antivirus & Patch Management 


  • Client-side Antivirus update as per requirement 

  • Client-side patch update as per requirement 

  • Troubleshooting & resolution 



Anti-Virus & Patch Management on End User Devices

  • To ensure latest version of the Antivirus client software & Microsoft patches are available in the end user system.  

  • Antivirus & Patch Management: All devices should have latest antivirus definition & windows patch with help of Patch Management Software provided by APL 

  • Ensure automated latest virus definitions & MS patches are being fetched from the server.  

  • To act on all the virus incident reports, Old virus definition, Systems not contacting server for updates, MS patches not updated, etc., sent out by APL IT 

  • Log all virus & MS patches tickets and resolve on high priority  

  • Root cause analysis for repeat virus incidents & MS patch incidents should be submitted

Active Directory Support

  • User Accounts (Employees, Vendors, Service Providers, Dealers, Off-Roll contractors, Interns etc.)

  • Regular Activities – Create/Delete/Modify/Maintain

  • Service Accounts (for which passwords are maintained by the system and not known to administrators) 

  • Administrative Accounts 

  • Distribution Groups 

  • Public Folders 

  • Contacts 

  • Password resets 

  • Access control lists 

  • DNS zones 

  • Office365 license assignment/revocation

AD System Administration


  • Help create and maintain different password policies for different user types. 

  • Remove unnecessary access. 

  • Manage stale user and computer objects. 

  • Plan and implement Upgrades and Updates to AD / ADFS Services. 

  • GPO Management (including creation and deletion) for various security policies and software deployment. 

  • Set-up and follow Change Management processes for all in-scope services.

Active Directory Services/ADFS Troubleshooting


  • Access issues to files and folders 

  • User Account expiry

  • Account lockouts 

  • Trust relationships errors 

  • Authentication failures

  • DNS resolution failures 

  • IP address assignment failures

AD/ADFS Health Check, Monitoring & Auditing 

  • Monitoring and generating reports using AD Audit Plus 

  • Provide logs and evidence of access/authentication/change as and when required by internal audit teams

Email Management (O365 Support)

  • Develop, document and update service processes, which should be aligned as per latest ITIL standard 

  • Manage quota and define control as per standards 

  • Preform day to day proactive/reactive administration, troubleshooting and support activities and keep users informed of incident progress 

  • Troubleshoot O365 / Outlook issues (along with network team if necessary) 

  • Coordinate with the users/FMS team for issue resolution and guide them to follow the defined SOP 

  • Coordinate with Microsoft for O365 issues resolution as needed 

  • Support issues with email security and mail flow by coordinating with third party vendor such as Mime Cast, SFT etc.

  • OneDrive for Business – Help users set up and make use of ODFB along with sharing files with other users within the Company and troubleshoot issues 

  • Teams – Help users create Teams and Channels to collaborate effectively – on PC as well as on mobile. Also, troubleshoot issues related to Teams. 

  • Contact/Escalate to the identified primary contact of APL, in case of any Server hardware issue or network issue, who will in turn co-ordinate with the vendors for resolution  

  • Prepare weekly reporting as per agreed format 

  • Create / Edit / Delete shared mailboxes as per requests 

  • Create / Edit / Delete cloud email accounts 

  • Create / Edit / Delete groups as per requests 

  • Configure/re-configure AD Sync as required 

  • Configure / troubleshoot any settings / rules on O365 Services in scope as required by business/IT. 

  • Scavenge licenses on a monthly basis to ensure that there is no excess license purchase required.

Intune MDM & MAM Support

  • Windows 10 laptops and Tablets – Intune and Azure AD enrolment 

  • Device reset and enrolment when device ownership changes 

  • Device and User Groups for policy application

  • Intune MAM policies for BYO Devices (employee mobile phones)

  • Intune MDM policies for company owned Windows tablets/laptops

  • Reports on hardware and software of MDM managed devices 

  • Reports on user to device mapping 

  • Remote/user side support for enrolment/reset of devices 

  • Deploy software and software upgrades through Intune/MaaS360 on all managed devices as per requirement 

  • Deploy OS upgrades using MDM policies with minimal disruption

  • Tablet configuration into Azure AD and Intune

  • OS updates for Apple iOS devices

  • Record keeping for all mobility devices. 

  • Keeping inventory for tablets/ IPADs in Matrix-42 and MIS. 

  • Monthly reconciliation of assets with resigned employee list



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