Printing is now: pro revenue. pro environment. pro people.

Every organisation’s printing environment needs conscious planning. It directly impacts company profits, employee productivity as well as our environment.

Ever wondered how we can integrate technology and proactive planning in printing to optimise your business?

  • Zero Capex investment

    Zero Capex investment

    Move from Capex to cost efficient Opex model - with maintenance and guaranteed uptime

  • Expense reduction and visibility

    Expense reduction and visibility

    Fleet optimisation; monthly usage data reporting; single point invoicing

  • Reducing wastage

    Reducing wastage

    Enabling reduction in carbon footprint and printing costs

  • Enhanced security and control

    Enhanced security and control

    Through PIN and RFID based printing; employee-specific permissions

  • Single window brand agnostic support

    Single window brand agnostic support

    Maintenance and supplies

  • Specialised and dedicated VIP support

    Specialised and dedicated VIP support

    Automated service monitoring and reporting

Managed Print Services

Gain visibility, optimize resources and reduce wastage


For a print environment that adds value,

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