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Overview of Application Managed Services

Application management services that are designed to provide excellent end-user experiences.

Team Business Solutions LLC Application Managed Services offers various application services, methodologies, and processes that help manage customized applications, packed software, and network-delivered applications. These services are specially designed to meet your business expectations.

How do we work?

  • The application management team at Team Business Solutions LLC oversees the various applications throughout their lifecycle.
  • To meet ever-evolving business needs in technology, managed application services offer an excellent platform for swift growth.

Application Management Lifecycle Phases

When monitored closely, the application management lifecycle involves six significant phases:


Gather new requirements based on unique business requirements


Translate the information into IT components specifications


Make the application and the operational model ready for deployment


Apply the operational and application models into the workflow


Manage the application as part of delivering a service


Measure, analyze, and maintain the application

Application Management Lifecycle within ITIL Service Lifecycle

Resource Monitoring & Optimization

Analyzing your application usage analytics, such as disk capacity, CPU, RAM, and bandwidth, ensures maximum efficiency for your app.

Proactive Application Monitoring

Performing a thorough analysis of your business apps to identify bugs and other problems that might affect operations and end-user experience.

Data Fixes and Data Conditioning

Providing a comprehensive range of database management solutions specially designed for your business applications.

Software Release Management

Establishing a robust release cycle to fix bugs, update new features, and make necessary changes to your application as needed.

Database Administration

No matter how your application database is built, our experts offer advanced solutions to any current issue.

Queries & Reports

Get a dedicated report for your application performance and other custom-written queries and updates frequently.

Partner with Application Management Experts

Avail benefits from a fully-skilled and equipped team with years of expertise in managing AI and automation apps without the high costs of hiring, training, and retaining new staff. Our other major offerings include ITIL incident management, vendor management, contract management, cost management, data center management, network infrastructure management, remote infrastructure services, and more.

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