The payoff for the industrialists in this revolution is faster and better decisions. The smart connectivity of devices with one another makes transmission of data from one application to another a very easy task. Thus, cutting down the real-time access to information for use.


By the analysis of such a massive machine data through various data sources, we can forecast the events that might occur, come up with the production failures and simultaneously work on enhancing the existing quality standards. This all together significantly optimises the production and operating costs.


All the tools and machines in a Smart Factory have a CPS (cyber physical systems) installed. This allows us to measure the comprehensive performance of the device in comparison to the expected results. The power consumed by each device can be measured and controlled.


The streambase analysis of machine data provides end to end insights into the processing, coming up with varied results. The collection of data, its aggregation and transmission leads you to very different and detailed outputs. Thus, leading to very innovative enhancements in the industry.

Connect on the Edge

TIBCO does the collection of data and aggregates the data in a logical manner, later connecting it to your cloud services.

Intelligent Edge Devices

Making your Internet of things more significant and strong, TIBCO allows your devices to enforce app logic without your core systems.

No Device is an Island

The data produced on the edge should make sense. The modeling tools helps you to gain insight so that you can act in real time.

Easy IoT Development

The Internet of Things edge devices have a web UI to build integration applications. That is how TIBCO simplifies connectivity.

Light as a Feather: The lightest IoT framework

With the lightest Internet of Things connectivity framework around, Project Flogo™ is light as a feather with heavy weight capabilities.

Rapid app development

Accelerate time-to-value by rapidly creating and launching applications by the means of Internet of Things, then enhancing and expanding them over time. It brings in new ideas on the basis of feedback and release enhanced versions at the pace desired. With business/IT collaboration streamlined, change happens fast, and IoT application development becomes a reality.

Meet our TIBCO Expert

Rameen Dhaal

Centre of Excellence - Head