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Reduce the time spent by your analysts on transforming your data into insights from weeks to hours. With the intuitive drag and drop worfklow, analysis is now possible to all users across your organization.

Deploy and share your analytics workflows at scale using the Alteryx server. Integrate these into other internal and external applications using built in macros and APIs. With advanced administration options, benefit from secure collaboration across teams and ensure governance based on your business protocols.

Easily develop, deploy and manage your predictive models and real time decision APIs, faster and without additional coding effort. Eembed analytic models into your daily business operations and customer facing applications without the need for IT involvement.

Find, manage and collaborate on the data in your organization with Alteryx connect. Reduce the time users take to search for data and assets for enterprise. Minimize duplication of data efforts and data assets and improve the quality of your organization’s data.

Reveal geographic relationships in your data through Qlik’s mapping capabilities to make better location-related decisions.

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