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Dashboard to keep a track of Enquire booking Retail performance, Target Vs Actual ratios, TAT analysis by region & dealer.


Target VS Actual

By leveraging target vs actual data via self-service analytics, improve real-time demand-sensing accuracy and increase visibility into performance at all levels, regions, dealer and salesperson.


Enquiry Booking Retail Ratios

Deep dive into various ratios such as enquiry to booking or enquiry to retail to identify areas of dropouts in the sales cycle across regions, branches, dealers and salespersons. Deep dive into problems areas and address proactively to improve sales.


Turn Around Time

With the help of turnaround time analysis dashboard, monitor the time interval from the time of submission of an enquiry to the time of the completion of the retail and various stages in between. Also, drill down into it by dealer, region, city, month, year, etc.