The Gift of a hand - Aarogya Seva

Think about this - 700,000 doctors in India. Each see 4 patients in a month, for free! That makes 28,00,000 people treated for a month, free. Dr. Dayaprasad started Aarogya Seva, which works on this quest. Micro-volunteering for people who need the gift of a hand. Amazing work by a young doctor. We admire what he's doing.

We all share the same earth

Animals are co-existers on this blue planet of ours. To respect them, to take care of them, to feel for them, is as much part of our lives, as is anything else. There are a handful of people who do this, voluntarily, soulfully, silently, across the world. Friendicoes Seca, Jeevashram and The Sanjay Gandhi Animal Hospital are a few, we help with.

Respectful Co-existence

It's a haven that takes care of who the society doesn't want. Old, infirm, destitute, someone who's lost his mind and is shunned by his family, women who are on the streets - they all feature in this messiah's life, Ravi Kalra. The Earth Saviour Foundation - there's so much heart to it. We salute Ravi Kalra's spirit and we help in some little ways.

Long Live Sarthak, Spreading Light & Love

Close your eyes for 5 minutes and imagine not being able to open them again. Isn't the darkness fearsome? Dr. Aggarwal has known this feeling for a long time and got Sarthak into being. It's an NGO which trains the blind, the deaf, the mute to adapt to society on their own terms, by training them, getting them employed. We are glad, we are part of the help force in a small way.