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While transactional efficiency lies at the core of any business, engineering is at the heart of the operations. Using our experience, we bring together many aspects of Engineering to contribute to increasing the operational efficiency of each process and product. Using complex algorithms, we build a virtuous cycle. Where we analyse the:

Bill Of Material (BOM) Analytics

The foundation of any manufacturing organization rests on an agile Product Mix. Engineering BOMs/ Manufacturing BOMs and Service BOMs should be in sync. Drive enquiry into:

  • BOM pricing analyzed based on the categorization of Assemblies and the price movement of these over time.
  • BOM cost monitored over time and across all models and changes analyzed by reason.
  • What - If analysis on change of pricing of any commodity basket.
  • BOM also mapped to currency for imported parts even if 2nd tier suppliers are responsible for import.
  • Breakup of Potential Cost Saving from various Value Addition/ Value Enhancement.

Contribution Analysis

“Contribution” is the Price of the Model minus the cost of materials. Defining the model mix of the organization basis:

  • Profitability by Model Variants
  • Cost of warranty and service failures by Model Variants
  • Combination of the above to define the most profitable products

Inventory Management

Optimize inventory costs, both direct and indirect by identifying:

  • Items whose stocks have grown or increased over the selected period.
  • Items which are already in stock and are being acquired
  • The flexibility to slice and dice the entire inventory based at item level, vendor level, opening stock value, closing stock value and consumption value.

Service & Warranty

Use Service and Warranty analytics to identify:

  • The Service failures (Defects per Thousand Tractors - DPTT), Part by part and by Dealer and Model Variant.
  • Classification of various parts and sub-parts into A,B and C depending on the number of defects.
  • The regions/dealers where the maximum failures are being reported, along with Tractor models/part groups which are problematic.

Vendor Analysis

Vendor ratings based on cost and quality help to bind the product stack completely. Analyze the vendors as a whole and as individuals - across aggregates and commodity.

  • Supplier wise, Vendor wise summary of performance in various criteria of assessment such as Rating, Process Audit, Receipt Parts per million and field issues.
  • Classification of suppliers into A,B and C depending on the above parameters.