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Strategic analytics to determine the pricing of spare parts and margin distribution across the entire value chain. Track service level KPIs such as turnaround time of vehicles and the replacement of parts as per schedule. Increase Spare Part penetration and raise the compliance ratio of Prescribed Maintenance Schedule.


Service Load Growth

Utilize Pareto Charts, Bubble charts to identify top Monitored YoY at region, dealer and Vehicle Age including Service Appointments. Drill down into the Service Load growth trend every month. Variants, Parts, Vendor, Dealer Network.


Due Vs Done

Ensure service retention by monitoring due vs done ratio on scheduled services with a special focus was given on the % levels at 1st, 2nd and 3rd Service.


Instant and Post Sales Feedback

To measure the customer experience at the Dealer level, keep a track of every feedback received. Analyze it on the basis of:

  • Feedback Closed Vs Open
  • Feedback Satisfied Vs Dissatisfied
  • Feedback Activities Count
  • Dealer wise Satisfaction Percentage Analysis

Spare Part Analysis

Adherence of Spare Part Sales against the Prescribed Maintenance Schedule: Analyse the PMS adherence on the basis of Region, Consignee, Workshop. Drill down into various aspects.