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Deploy Warranty Analytics to monitor failure of parts nationwide and across all model variants and monitor the counter measures.

Top Warranty Contributors

Utilize Pareto Charts, Bubble charts to identify top contributors to Warranty costs on the basis of Model, Model Variants, Parts, Vendor, Dealer Network.

Warranty Cost and Claim Trends

Quickly identify areas that could have the most impact in reducing warranty costs. Monitor the number of claims, claims percentage to enhance the accuracy of the forecast and rates. Visualise it with Quadrant Analysis based on a combination of any selection like Parts/ Warranty Failure/ Dealers/ models etc.

Extended Warranty Retention and Penetration

Analyze the number of new sales against those opting for extended service contracts. Take corrective measures to increase service customer retention and give fixed gross profits a boost.

Extended Warranty Pricing

Maintain the price of extended warranty as a balance between customers subscribing to extending warranty and not making a loss on the scheme.