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Deliver an unparalleled customer experience


Customer Self Service Portal

Allow your customers to manage all their policies from one place. Provide all information the customer needs of his applications, claims and grievances



Give you agents a consolidated view of business critical information related to Sales, Schemes, Incentives and Customer Onboarding.

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Keep members motived and happy through effective communication and easy to follow processes. Furthermore, manage Learning and development with your intranet.

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Solutions by Departnent

Remove Barriers to Productivity

Your agents are faced with a large number of challenges including Low visibility regarding onboarding on customers, not enough information about new products and schemes, lack of intel regarding cross sell and upsell opportunities and ever changing Rewards and Recognition scheme.

Make it easier for your partners to sell

Actionables Information Insights
Proposals pending for issuance Customer onboarding status A 720 degree view of the customer
Cheque bounce cases New Products and Schemes Cross and Upsell Opportunities
Renewals to be collected Reward and recognition schemes Customer Propensity to churn
  Documents and Resources KPI Performance

Sales & Distribution Teams find it hard to monitor & communicate with channels

Common challenges includes visibility regarding self performance and the performance of agents. The market is also highly competitive with agents selling competing policies,

A focus on performance & relationship building can help drive sales aggressively

Get visibility on your KPIS and those of your agents Establish a Two Way communication channels with your partners.
Personalized dashboards on Partner Activities and KPIs
Share content to help partners sell
  Hear what your agents have to say throu

Market Share will be determined by price elasticity and product innovation

With customer churn and the competition in the market being the way of the market, it becomes imperative for the management to focus on Product Innovation for better handling mortality, morbidity & longevity and at the same time balance distribution mix for Profitability.

Define your Marketing Mix with a focus on Product and Distribution Channels

Keep a close watch on the Value of your business and an equally close watch on your operations.

Automate P&L and IRDA Reporting

Fraudulent Claims are on the rise

Analytics can help identify and proactively reduce Fraudulent Claims.

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Analytics Framework for Insurance

Q-insure is an out-of-the box business intelligence & analytics solution that reveals actionable insights across the insurance value chain. Q-Insure provides high-end analytical solutions based on sound understanding of the KPI’s to identify operational inefficiencies, remove process bottlenecks, increase productivity and guaranteed performance improvement.

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QlikSense has given our senior management a holistic view of our business. Decisions are now made time effectively, based on concrete evidence. As a result, our business has grown by 17% over the past two years and we are now ranked #2 in the market, which is fantastic.
V Ananthanarayanan, Associate Vice President, Business Insights, HDFC Life