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Address your partners’ most pressing needs with one portal. If you want your partners to promote you over other vendors, you need to invest in the relationship so that working with you brings them the most business value in sales. Provide the right content and resources, deliver trainings, strengthen processes and include analytics to empower your partners to win at their business, so you can succeed at yours.

Consolidate Spend at a Group level

Personalized dashboards on Partner Activities

Provide your partners a one stop for everything they need to get done by consolidating existing systems in personalized dashboads. Create and deliver content tailored for each of your segments based on user’s location, device, activities and personal attributes.

Monitor supplier performance over time

Manage large user groups

Create custom user groups and organizations for partners of different categories. Create customer rules to align with your partner's organization structure. Give your partners the ability to add or remove their own team members according to pre-determined roles and permissions.

Consolidate Spend at a Group level

Share content to help partners sell

Give your parters anytime anywhere access to updated content, from the latest social media images to current sales playbooks and training with Document Libraries. Share web content and digital assets across your and your partner's websites. Provide localized versions of content for different regions and languages.

Monitor supplier performance over time

Increase team communication

Build message boards for partners to share information and ask questions from the rest of the network. Create forms for everything from business process automation to replacing complex paper applications. Broadcast personalized alerts and notification. Connect with users across departments with social network features such as @ mentions, follows and electronic business card exports.