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It is well established that selling to a new customer is 5 times more expensive than selling to an existing one. With the growth in the availability and technology to capture and analyze customer data across touchpoints, accelerated sales growth through cross sell and up sell is now a reality.

Consolidate Spend at a Group level

Customer Lifetime Journey Analytics

Track the customer throughout his/her journey with the organization across multiple channels and touchpoints by integrating data across ERP, marketing platforms, websites, events, call centres, product usage and past experiences. Compute the Litetime Value of each customer to understand which customers have a higher propensity to buy. A holistic view of each customer's likes, interests, behavior and sentiment presents the opportunity to pitch the right product at the right time.

Monitor supplier performance over time

Product Recommendations

Create Product and pricing bundles based on products that are commondly purchased together using market basket analysis, product clustering or the lift one product has on another. This information can then be used in placing product at store displays, joint advertising or as an input for providing discounts

Get end to end visibility of your spends

Predict and Measure

Use predictive analysis to perform well basis key KPIs such as response rate, cost per response and/or cost per acquisition. Create customer segments using the customer lifetime journey to determine the best targets for each campaign and the channel and time they are most likely to respond. Monitor the performance and tweak your campaigns in near real time to get maximum RoI.